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Migrating your Access Backend to a SQL Server Database

Managing Application Updates

Test and Release Each client has a person responsible for testing and then releasing new versions – The Client’s Project (or Application) Manager This is important as it ensures that a) the Client has the opportunity to test in their environment for critical use cases before THEY release b) they share responsibility for any issues… Read More »

Table Types

To my way of thinking, there are two types of tables. Entity Tables and Transaction Tables. It is important to understand the difference. Entity Describes an entity and its attributes. Customers are entities, Products are entities. You can edit an entity’s attributes. I always like to use a Log table that takes a copy of… Read More »

Containers, Collections and Objects

An Access Database is a container. Within this container are collections of objects which include tables, queries, forms and reports. Objects can themselves be containers. For example a table contains columns (or fields) while forms and reports contain controls that display data. So we could iterate through our database’s Tables (TableDefs) and through each Table’s Fields like this… Read More »