Osel Solutions

Custom Software Solutions for Business

Designed to Run Your Business the way you want it run

When you can’t find, or don’t want an “Out of the Box” solution

With 30 years of experience running and advising business as a Business Analyst and Project Manager and 25 years experience in Software Development I know how to create the most effective and efficient systems to suit Your Business.​
I’ve helped all kinds of Small, Medium and Large Business to create software solutions to help them run part, or all, of their business processes.

Why Your Own Solution can be your best option –

Even if you can find software, that will do close to what you want, you may still decide to develop your own solution. Why? Because …

You own it.

With a rented solution, if the company supplying your solution folds or runs foul then you can be stuck. Even if you bought a perpetual license you may find that the lack of ongoing support and development forces you to change. And change is disruptive.

With your own solution, even if something happens to me (your developer) then you can replace me and continue on. You can continue to evolve your business at your pace without any major upheaval.​