Access Bugs

By | 2022-06-06

Historically, Microsoft have introduced a significant bug in an Office release about once a year.

Lately it has been more often.

I think that we can all accept that bugs will happen. The main issue here is communication.

Microsoft have never been good at communication. Never will be. It’s not in their nature.
To start, they have so many channels (web pages) and those channels often change.
Sending email notifications to every user is impracticle but…

Sending notifications of updates and issues, with links to release notes, to 365 Admins would seem reasonable.

Even having just one page, for each Office app, where they posted in a timely manner. Like a proper blog.
with a link in the 365 Admin page or in the Account page in the application. They have a “What’s New” link that is currently pointless, so why not make it useful.

The current Access Bugs and Fixes page is not updated in a timely manner. Last updated: February, 2022

The current adhoc methodolgy,
• expecting MVPs to do the communication
• but not even bothering to communicate with MVPs
is just not working.