Excel vs Access

By | 2022-04-20

The Advantages of a Relational Database Application over Spreadsheets

Why should I use Access instead of Excel to run my business?

One of your major goals in management is to create systems that allow you to step away from micro managing while knowing that your business is run the way you want it to be run.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say that your primary objective is to make yourself redundant. When you achieve that then you know you can go on holiday any time you like safe in the knowledge that things will run as intended.

Prototyping using spreadsheets can be a good approach. Spreadsheets are easy to modify. Which is good thing when you are prototyping but not a good thing when you want your systems adhered to.

The issue here is that anyone can change the system without you even knowing.

The purposes of a database application include –

Controlling the Process

Validating Data

Reporting on the data